How to Choose Your Email Marketing Tool (software or service). 1.000 different options.

how to decide your email marketing tool

    Either if you want just to sent bulk email, or if you are searching for the best email marketing services on the web, or if you are evaluating a free email marketing software, you have to follow a process so you can safely decide what is the optimum for your business.

    Here in Email-Marketing-Reviews.Biz we work a lot with processes. We believe that everything is a process (from choosing your email marketing tool to creating an email marketing campaign and so on) and by visualizing the process you are making a big step front to understand what is you doing and how you can do it better. So in our website you will find a lot of diagrams where we are visualizing all the basic processes related with email marketing.

    Our Email-Marketing-Reviews.Biz website is divided into six sections according to the main process of deciding which email direct marketing tool to use for your email marketing campaign.



    Probably, you have heard about email marketing and how this can help your business grow and have profits. If you are totally a newbie we have a subsection of articles about "what is email marketing". If you just want to be specific and fully understand why email marketing is important this section is for you. You will read about all the advantages that email marketing can give you:

  • why it is cheaper than other methods,
  • what is the current Return Of Investment (ROI) in email marketing,
  • how you can put your email marketing campaign in autopilot,
  • how easy you can track your email marketing campaign,
  • how fast is email marketing,
  • what is the main difference between email marketing software and email marketing services

and much more.


There is a big misunderstanding about email marketing.  

    A lot of people think that email marketing is as easy as sending an email. Well, email marketing is not about that, and if you believe that there is nothing to learn about email marketing then this website is not for you.

    Furthermore, this website is not for you if you believe that any email marketing tool (software or service) can work the same for you. There are many differences between email marketing software, email marketing services and all the other email marketing options out there. We have dedicated this website to help you choose what is the best email marketing tool for your needs, for your business, for your email marketing plans.


    In this section, we will help you to realize your email marketing needs and what you can expect from email marketing services.
    Not all the businesses have the same needs, and not all the email marketing tools give you the same options. Maybe you have hundreds of email subscribers, and you just want to send them an email marketing newsletter. Maybe you are just starting to have some traffic in your website, and you want to ‘catch’ your visitors email. Maybe you want to send email marketing emails with animations or videos.
    Email marketing gives you a lot of features to work with. In this section, you have to
understand fully your needs so you can proceed.



Because email marketing is an extremely useful tool, a lot of different options developed in the last years.

  • Bulk email / email blast tools. Email marketing tools that help you send bulk emails.

  • Email marketing software. Specific software packages that you can use to send email marketing newsletters-emails.

  • Email marketing services. A lot of online email marketing companies which have developed web portals and services to help you manage your email marketing campaigns.

  • Open source email marketing. There are some email marketing packages which you can install in your own webserver.

  • Free email marketing. Because of the big competition, a lot of companies have some completely free memberships that you can check.

  • Email marketing agencies. Offices which are dedicated in managing your full email marketing campaign.

  • Email marketing specialists. Individual people who offer their services to you.

  • Other email marketing tools. There are some other email marketing tools with specific functions to work with your email marketing campaigns.

    We try to present all these options with an easy way so you can have a clear view about them.



    Probably, your first thought by coming in our website was how to choose the right email marketing tool for you. If you have understood the sections 1, 2 and 3 from the hall process of deciding, then it’s about time to select the right tool for your needs. We follow a sub-process so you can make the decision as easy and as objective you can. Furthermore, we give you the details you need to know for the available tools. For example, if you are limited in budget, you may want to know the different pricing methods.
    In this section, we have all the information you need to make the registration or the contact with the email marketing company you are interested in. 


  • Deciding Email Marketing is a PROCESS

  • We analyze this process

  • The process has 6 basic steps

  • Understand the hall process so you can proceed

We go to one step further, and we have some special analysis articles about some big email marketing companies like aWeber, Constact Contact etc.

  At the end of this section you must decide with which option you will proceed.



    And then a hall new world is in front of you, the world of email marketing. You can really do miracles with this tool. We really believe that. “Money is in the list” and “show me your list(money)” are our favorite phrases.
    Here you will find a lot of useful information about doing email marketing. How to create and maintain your email list, what is the basic process of an email marketing campaign, what are the differences among HTML and TEXT emails, where to pay attention in your email newsletter software and lots more.
    Very useful section with a lot of content. We hope that we will expand this to a new website “learn email marketing” someday soon.

    A business quote says “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it”. This is also true for your email marketing efforts. Here we are analyzing what you have to count so you can track your results.
    Email open rate, list growth, click rate, delivery rate, total costs are only some indicators to work with. We give you the hall sub-process of tracking email marketing.
    If you see that your KPIs are not good, or if you have expanded your needs and you want to do more things, then you should consider returning to the hall process so you re-decide the right email marketing tools for your new needs.
    Email marketing is an extremely powerful tool for your online or offline business, and you must give it the attention it needs. Do not take anything granted, you have to decide the tool that feet's you best, and you have to work with it.

    We hope that this website will help, you and your business, in your email marketing journey. We really wish you the best results. Please contact us if you think that there is anything else in your email marketing effort that we can help you.


A tribute to Free Email Marketing

Is it really free?
Is free email marketing an option? Who can use it? When free email marketing is a good choice?
Where can I find a full list with the current free email marketing offers?
Which offer is the best and why? Is there a complete review for free email marketing offers?
Top free email marketing offers?
Open-source email marketing is free email marketing?
Where can I find free email marketing templates?
Free Email Marketing for non profits?


All these and much more to our tribute for Free Email Marketing.

The most complete list of ONLINE EMAIL MARKETING COMPANIES on the web!

Are you searching for an  online email marketing company ?

Do you want to know which email marketing firms are doing better than others?

Here you will find the most complete list on the internet with almost 50 different email marketing companies which are specialized in online email marketing. You can select which one better feets your needs.

4 different KPIs - traffic estimators used here to sort the email marketing firms.

Even if you are already doing email marketing with an email marketing firm you will find this review-comparison very useful for your future needs. Is your email marketing company in the list?

Free Email Marketing

Totally free email marketing offers or free email marketing services from the biggest email marketing companies. Here is the complete analysis (updated every month!).

35 different free email marketing plans from where you can choose.

Open source email marketing. Complete list of open source options.

Open source email marketing is free email marketing (mostly at least) so we present to you a list with tools in this category.

Free Email Marketing Offer from Mailjet

free email marketing offer by mailjet

Mailjet is a real time cloud emailing platform: scalable, agile and flexible.

Free Email Marketing Offer from SocketLabs

Free email marketing offer by SocketLabs

SocketLabs is an email marketing company which is specialized in SMTP relay services for email marketing use.

Free Email Marketing Offer from TurboSMTP

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turboSMTP  is a reliable, powerful, easy to use delivery service that maximizes deliverability of all your marketing and transactional emails.

Free SMTP email marketing. Full analysis of the available options, one by one.

Free SMTP email marketing services. Full analysis of the available options, one by one.

Free Email Marketing Offer from LmHSoft - e-Campaign Bulk Email Software

Free email marketing offer by e-Campaign

e-Campaign 9. The award-winning newsletter and email marketing solution. HTML email newsletter delivery, email marketing campaign, and bulk mailing. WIth e-Campaign personalized email marketing software you can accomplish these tasks with ease.


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